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Founder + Owner 

Olga Onulov is the Founder and Owner of Rebel + Beauty. With over two decades of experience, her work has been published and commended internationally, making her one of the most reputable artists in the country. Fueled by her passion for the industry and the people that are connected to it, she continues to educate, teach, and train beauty professionals across Canada, watching them grow alongside her as brow and makeup artists.

Born and educated in Calgary, Alberta, Olga recognized her talent in makeup and brow work while attending the University of Calgary. She continued to practice and develop her skills, finding that her unique techniques allowed her to stand out in the industry. She moved to Toronto over 10 years ago to work for a prestigious French cosmetics and skin care company before starting her own business.

Today, Olga’s focus on accommodating and celebrating her client’s unique facial features through fine detailing and precise technique has attracted prestigious clientele across North America. She prides herself in creating a safe and relaxing space for anyone that walks through the front door, clients and colleagues alike. With big plans to expand her product line and collaborate with

womxn-led communities, you are sure to hear more from Rebel + Beauty.


Brow Artist 

Mandee is a professionally trained brow and makeup artist living and working in Toronto. She studied all facets of makeup at Canada’s leading college C|MU (formerly Complections) and has learned all of her brow etiquette from Rebel + Beauty. 


For over a decade Mandee has stayed very busy in the beauty world; from personal clients, to photo/video shoots, to retail cosmetics. All have given Mandee a keen eye for bringing out the natural beauty and uniqueness in others.


Mandee’s next task to conquer is your brows. Olga’s expertise and strict training, and Mandee’s attention to detail is a match made in heaven when it comes to assuring that every service is personalized and precise. She also continues  to work with celebrated photographers, fashion designers and production houses, continuing to expand her portfolio and develop valued contacts


Brow Artist 

Having been involved in and in love with theatre and performance since she was a child, Taylor was always surrounded by creative minds and self expression. Garnering the ability to see the arts from all aspects she was able to use this inspiration and creativity to transition and discover an entirely new side of her artistic ability in makeup and brows.


Taylor is an honours graduate from the prestigious CMU College of Makeup and has been active in the beauty industry for over 10 years with a focus on brows for the last 6. Having toured the Middle East and Asia as manager, performer, and makeup artist she has garnered experience and inspiration next to none. Taylor's exceptional detailing and creative eye are what's sets her a part.


Brow Artist 

Chelsea is a self taught artist, who has been working in the beauty industry for over 7 years. She is a natural creative and with a great eye for detail. 

Her addiction to perfection has allowed for her to excel her eyebrow and eyelash game to quickly become one of the leaders in eyebrow shapings, and lash lifting at Rebel +Beauty!

Her make up skills have no boundaries! From special effects, and some thing out of this world to the perfect glam, Chelsea is your girl. 

Don’t hesitate to book with Chels if you are looking for perfection.  

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