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Rebel + Beauty is a Toronto-based beauty company, but first - it is a team of badass womxn. What started as a business specializing in eyebrows, lashes, and makeup has grown into a community of boss babes that we are proud to support.

Located in Yorkville, we are known for professionalism, expertise and high-quality services. We are happy to share our home with other incredible artists. From high-end beauty services, to one-of-a-kind Retail spaces, we are here to celebrate female-owned businesses in Toronto with our Uniquely curated Community. 


Eight years ago our Founder, Olga Onulov, sought to create a brand that celebrated and supported women and the communities in which they live, work, and play. Today, we have a full product line, three artists, and a feature in Flare Magazine as one of the top brow studios in the country.

With no sign of slowing down any time soon, we have had eyebrow pop-ups nationwide from Vancouver to Calgary to New York and Barcelona, with an array of incredible products to go hand-in-hand With this one-of-a-kind eyebrow experience.

There’s more to come, we promise!

Were your brows tweezed and plucked to barley anything in the past and you think there's no point in coming in?


We work with what you've got! Everyone's brows are meant to be unique to them and their face shape. We can make big changes and put you in brow rehab where you come in every 4-5 weeks and promise not to touch them in between sessions! We can get you to a place where you love your brows! 

We connect the dots to ensure consistency and accuracy. Don't know what we mean? We will map out your face and show you with a goal of getting you to that place with regular appointments and shapings. 


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